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[Weiß Kreuz] Learning to Accept [Hurt/Comfort]

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Oct. 14th, 2006 | 12:22 pm
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posted by: beloved_voices in mix7fics

Fandom: Weiß Kreuz
Title: Learning to Accept
Character: Brad (Brad/OC - Norisuke)
Rating & Warnings: G
Genre & Theme: Hurt/Comfort - Mask
Disclaimer: Weiß Kreuz is owned by Takehito Koyasu, Marine Entertainment, Project Weiß, and associated parties.

It's cold outside, and not only outside. It's also cold within me, but that state is unchanged since before Nagi was even born. And really, when you compare the two temperatures, the one that pierces is within me, that cold from loss that never has been forgiven, though it has been avenged. I lift the wineglass to my lips, sipping the bitter liquid and letting the alcohol give me the illusion of warmth. It's not the answer, but what is, when what was within me is dead now?

Sixteen years ago, I met the boy who would save me. I am now more than twice as old as we were together, but of all the memories I hold dearest, the one that stands out is the feeling of two skinny arms wrapped around me.

"Brad?" Norisuke asked, frowning as the small American slipped into their dorm room, moving to slump onto his bed. He hesitated, considering for a long moment before moving to sit beside Brad, leaning forward a little until he could see the childish face staring at the floor. The face was usually smirking, a superior expression to those around him as the precognitive antagonized the other students and staff alike. But he was different with Norisuke. He'd learned that around the Japanese boy, he could show his true face, and Nori recognized just that now. "What happened, Brad?"

"She's dying," Brad whispered, his arms wrapping around himself. Nori frowned, not really understanding the words. But Brad was already explaining, seeming to almost need to say the words. "Grandmother's dying. She'll be dead by tomorrow morning."

"You Saw it?" Nori asked, swallowing. He had no idea what had become of his own family, and for a moment, he almost wished that he had Brad's talent, because then, at least, he'd know. But no... he didn't really want that grief. He watched Brad nod jerkily, curling a little more into himself, and Nori hesitantly slipped his arms around Brad.

Brad turned at the awkward embrace, too caught in grief to care about appearances. He clung to Norisuke, face buried in the slender neck and body shaking as he sobbed out the pain, crying until he had nothing left. "I love her," he choked out softly, and was rewarded with murmured nonsense, as Norisuke fumbled for comfort. But the body warmth, the arms around him, seemed comfort enough. Brad slowly calmed, sobs soothing into the occasional quiet hiccough as he stayed against the thin chest. "Nori?" he whispered, waiting until he heard a response before continuing. "Do you... believe in Heaven?"

Nori sucked in a soft breath, trying to decide how to respond before finally settling for, "I believe... that when we die, we'll be able to meet again." Cautious words, gentle words. "I believe that you'll see her again, Brad. I think maybe, you'll even be able to introduce us."

Brad sighed at that, closing his eyes and accepting the answer. If he could just meet her again, he could introduce his best friend. And he could apologize for not saving her.

I will find what happened to you someday, Kobayashi Norisuke. And on that day, I will either shake your hand, or I will offer prayers.

But I will meet you again.


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