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Saiyuki: Bad Dream?. (Hurt/Comfort: Nightmare.).

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Apr. 6th, 2007 | 11:18 pm
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posted by: roguewarrior869 in mix7fics

Fandom: Gensoumaden Saiyuki.
Title: Bad Dream?
Character(s): Sha Gojyo and Son Goku. No pairings or shounen-ai.
Rating and Warnings: T(Teen). Mild spoilers for episode 21. Very mild graphic violence.
Genre and Theme: Hurt/Comfort: Nightmare.
Disclaimer: I don't Saiyuki, Kazuya Minekura does.

The group was still in the same inn they had to stay at for a couple of days or at least until they were healed enough to keep going on the journey.

This time around Sanzo and Hakkai were sharing a room and Gojyo and Goku were sharing another.

Gojyo looked up at the ceiling currently unable to sleep, Due to a certain monkey making noises in his sleep and he almost wished he could swap with Sanzo.

It was a clear starry night tonight, He considered stepping outside for smoke and maybe by then the kid would be quiet or have moved onto another dream or something.

Then the monkey started making noises and how he started moving around got his attention. Unfortunately he had had a feeling that the kid wasn't dreaming about meatbuns.


Seitan Taisei had smirked and licked a little blood off his claw.

He looked around the desert fighting ground and saw his prey, almost all of them dead or soon to be killed.

It didn't take him long to begin the process of finishing them off...one by one.

"Wake up you stupid monkey!"

He stopped and blinked thinking he had heard something but dismissed it and raised his hand and sliced at the one in green. He had been knocked out during their fight earlier and so that one would get something of a painless death.

"Goku! Goku! Will you wake up already!"

He felt some of the ground shaking but when it stopped he decided to finish off the last one and move on.

He went over the blond one who was working on getting on his feet.

"Tch, Stupid monkey."

Seitan was just about to strike when it felt like someone punched him in the face and then the world started turning black.


Goku jumped awake with a start and was sweating and had brief difficulty breathing before he acknowledged a little bit of pain on his face.


He looked over to his left and Gojyo was leaning against the wall.

He wasn't sure to tell him or not so for one of the few and far between times he didn't say anything and looked back down.

"You know your noisy when you dream."

"You don't have to worry about me making any more noise tonight."
Goku proceeded to hang his head down.

"Don't be so full of yourself and think I'd lose to you. Like I said, When I die it will be in the arms of some beautiful woman. Not by your longer haired hippie demon self. Same thing probably goes for Hakkai and Sanzo,well except for their version of dying. Understood?"

Gojyo headed back for his own bed.


He felt a little bit better, Even if it was a slightly different version of the same thing he told him yesterday.

Still he wondered if he could sleep again tonight.



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