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Saiyuki: Why? (Romance/Fluff: When did I start sleeping without seeing your smile?).

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May. 7th, 2007 | 02:54 pm
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posted by: roguewarrior869 in mix7fics

Fandom: Gensoumaden Saiyuki.
Title: Why?
Character(s): Pretty much from Sanzo's point kind of.  No pairings or shounen-ai.
Rating and Warnings: T(Teen.). Light Lanuage, set during episode 39 after Gojyo and Hakkai leave to look for Goku after finding out that Homura has him. Some spoilers for episodes 20,21,39.
Genre and Theme: Romance/Fluff: When did I start sleeping without seeing your smile?
Disclaimer: I don't Saiyuki, Kazuya Minekura does.

Why, why get him back?
That's what Sanzo had asked himself a couple of times since Hakkai and Gojyo had left to look for Goku after they found out Homura had him.

He was loud, even before they actually met. His voice had been grating on his nerves for a few years before he just went to smack whatever the hell it was calling him like that.
And that look he had on his face when he got all the way up that mountain.

He remembered different times from before. Years ago not long after it had been official that he would be staying at the temple with them for a while, He had found him in his room failing to hide that he had been upset due to some of the monks. Another time he had also gotten a minor injury doing who knows what.

He could act without thinking. That was proven when he took off his diadem sometime back to fight Kougaiji.
He was ultimately the one to put the diadem back on Goku after Seitan Taisen had fought everyone there and gave them possibly avoidable injuries but he had felt bad about it for a while afterward.

He also remembered that look on his face before he heard him run off earlier. He didn't need anyone worrying about him, and he did not have any kind of attachments to anyone else.
At least that's what he told himself because he still couldn't answer his own question.

Why get him back considering since the rain had stopped he had left himself to where the battle was taking place.
He fired his gun and broke the hold that Shien's whip had around Hakkai's neck.
"I couldn't sleep."

Authors Note:
Perhaps this could have been better.Hm.

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