Mix 7 Fics Writing Challenge

Mix Seven Fics Writing Challenge
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Hello and welcome! This is Mix 7 Fics, yet another fanfic challenge community spun-off from various other writing comms out there, but credit to the basic idea is MixPotions.

The writer's goal is simple: write SEVEN (7) fan fiction pieces for one specific series/fandom featuring 7 unique character-variations-set, in 7 different genres and themes. The aim is for writers to improve on their writing skills by exploring different styles through different genres and ratings of fiction, as well as dealing with various themes, situations and characters for various fandoms.


1- Sign up and claim a series/fandom; follow the format given. A writer can have up to two claims at the same time--just make sure you can handle the deadlines. There are NO restrictions to your choice of fandom and/or series; original stories welcome as well.

1.1- Up to 4 persons can write for the same fandom at the same time. This allows for a maximum of 28 fanfics in every round. If the fandom you want to write for is already full, you will be placed on the waiting list until a spot has been opened.

2- Choose exactly one theme/prompt from each genre specified at the table below. You are then to write a story/fanfic using the theme/prompt, with the genre as focus. The catch: each must feature a different character-set, whether it's one character, a pairing or threesome, it's your choice who to use for a specific genre.

01.Angst or Drama 02.AU 03.Hurt/Comfort
04.Humor/Crack 05.Romance/Fluff 06.Smut/PWP

2.1- Repetitions of characters are, of course, allowed. What each writer CANNOT REPEAT though are the combinations. They may reappear in other entries, as long as he/she/they are not the focus anymore. Switch, juggle and vary as you please; it all depends on which character-set suits a particular genre and theme.

For example: entry for the Hurt/Comfort category may be about characters AxB, an Angst entry could be about character C, and a Humor entry may be about A, B and C. A may appear in the Angst fic, as long as the focus is C; if it can't be helped, then it becomes a pairing. This goes the same for a pairing and threesome fic.

2.2- If a particular character has some alter-ego in him/herself or has schizophrenic or multi-personality tendencies (e.g. Ginji/Raitei from Get Backers, Yukito/Yue from Card Captor Sakura), it still counts as 1 character.

3- A pairing or threesome does not necessarily have to be romantic, unless you are specifically writing for the Romance/Fluff category of course! (Not even for the Smut category, romance is not a requirement.) Any other type of relationship can be written about: friendship, rivalry, slash, etc.

4- Interpretation of themes/prompts is left up to the author; we hold no restrictions and/or limitations regarding this. You can be as literal or as metaphorical as you wish; this is a writing exercise after all.

5- Length of work is up to you; whether you decide to do a sentence for each theme, a 500 word (or less) drabble or a multi-chaptered story. All completed entries shall be placed in the Memories of this Community. Let us know though if you've finished with your claim so you can be added to the Hall of Fame (and possibly be given a shiny banner for your efforts!).

6- Collaborations are fine; just put BOTH names in the claim. Each author can still claim one other fandom/series as a single writer.

7- Deadline is an important matter, simply because we want to give as many writers the opportunity to write for the fandom/s of their choice. You must adhere to this strictly, else it will get you suspended for a month before you may claim or re-claim again.

7.1- Submit an entry WITHIN ONE MONTH after making your claim, and at least one more within 2 months after that.

7.2- The writer will be able to finish in approximately a year or less. If a writer fails to submit an entry within the 2-month deadline, his/her claim will be automatically given to the next person in line and he/she will be suspended for a month.


1- Learn to RESPECT each other's works. Absolutely NO FLAMING or BASHING of authors, stories, characters, fandoms, series or anything else related to this community. Review if you wish, but keep it to CONSTRUCTIVE and HELPFUL criticisms. As a corollary, writers should at least have their works beta'ed or spell/grammar-checked. It's for your own good too you know.

2- In relation to the above rule: DO NOT PLAGIARISE. I don't suppose I need to explain that. It's inevitable that writers for the same fandom will have the same character-set, for possibly the same genre and theme combination, just make sure it isn't the same story!

3- All ratings and relationships (slash, shounen ai/yaoi, shoujo ai/yuri) are accepted. HOWEVER! (and this is *important*, mind) If your work contains graphic adult themes and falls in the NC-17 and R categories, please place them as a LOCKED ENTRY. Mind to label your submissions properly and place appropriate warnings if necessary.

4- Ratings may range from G to NC-17 as long as you label your fics properly. Please consult posting format.

4.1- Use the Posting Format below when submitting your works:

Subject line [Fandom/Series] Fic Title [Genre]


[Title of the fic;]
[Rating and Warnings;]
[Genre and Theme/Prompt;]

5- You may post your entries here at the community or your journal (or website, if you have one), but please, PLEASE, place them behind an LJ-CUT, or provide a LINK to the entry. We don't want to spam everybody.

6- No bulk posts. Keep your fics at separate entries. Use the TAGS when posting as much as possible. It's not necessary, but it helps narrow down searches more.

7- You must JOIN the community first before you can POST. Also, wait to be approved by the moderator before submitting entries.

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